Label STEP is the only international organization engaged with Iranian carpet weavers, systematically verifying if their working conditions comply with international fair trade standards.

For many carpet enthusiasts and traders, Iran is the motherland of the oriental carpet. Even today, the superior quality of Iranian raw materials and workmanship often remains uncontested. Yet inflation, increasing prices as well as political and economic isolation – especially the U.S. embargo on Iranian goods – have taken its toll on the Persian carpet industry.

At the same time, Iranian carpet producers face the problem that they do not find sufficiently qualified weavers, even though the working conditions as well as the societal recognition of carpet weavers are significantly better in Iran than in most other production countries.

In order to continue improving the attractiveness of carpet weaving as a means to earn a living and to contribute to the preservation of the exceptional Iranian carpet culture, Label STEP collaborates with carpet exporters in order to improve access to and reduce costs of social services. In addition, the support for nomad and tribal weavers has always been a particular concern to Label STEP.