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For over 20 years, Battilossi carpets have been the work of the best craftsmen in the East who maintain the ancient secrets necessary to make high quality products, able to endure without losing their charm.

From conception to the design, to the manufacturing and finishing, each stage of the carpet production is under the direct control of the company, which has the opportunity to identify the best stylistic solutions to give shape to each creation.

In addition to the technical expertise, developed thanks to decades of experience in the field, the company can boast two productions, traditional to the country of origin: the precious decorations of the products made in Kathmandu, Nepal, are woven on the surface of the carpet faithfully following the paper graph on which the design is shown, while those produced in Lahore, Pakistan, take shape from the instructions from one who recites a prayer, directing the hands of the craftsmen that patiently, knot after knot, reveal the traits of the design.

The customer can make their carpet unique by choosing from a wide selection of sizes, textures, finishes and custom colours. And it is precisely colour that plays a key role in the aesthetic appreciation of a rug.

A selected Battilossi palette of 1200 shades of silk and raw wool is made specifically to offer a natural, harmonious and balanced appearance to the domestic environment. Once dyed, the yarn is ready for weaving, paying particular attention to the uniform distribution of the different hues.

The essence of the Battilossi colours lies in the variegation: the finished carpet contains unique shades, preserving the original aspect that makes it similar to the naturally dyed antique carpets.

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