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Handmade Persian rugs since 1952

Quality & Experience

You can’t put a cost on quality. Ipek carefully selects each rug to meet to their standards, implying the best quality in material, craftmanship, design, color and heritage. With Ipek’s experience built from several generations, they know what makes a good rug and where to find it. Every single piece passes our the company’s washing process, repair service and quality control.

Stock on Demand

Ipek stocks over 50,000 rugs from Iran, from antique to new, which means the company can react fast on any request. This includes rugs from the smallest size up to oversized, all price classes and qualities. All rugs are ready to supply from Hamburg on your demand. However, Ipek also has the possibility to provide you with any other rug from the country of origin.

Full Assortment

From extremely fine designed Persian city rugs such as Isfahan, Tabriz or Nain, to colorful tribal rugs such as Gashghai, Gabbeh, Loribaf or Afshar, or flatweaves such as Kelim or Sumak, Ipek’s aim is to fulfill any wish or need with their full assortment. Through valuable, well established and long lasting supplier relations based all over Iran, Ipek holds the possibility to react to any restock planning in a short time span.

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