Jamal Rug Weavers

The ‘Jamal’ Family art is an age-old craft that has been passed down since three generations. From elaborate carpet and rug designing to intricate weaving of hand-knotted rugs and carpets, Jamal Rugs has been tangled in the art since the sub-continent era.

Mr. Jamal din Butt was the artisan who was a craftsman in India, immigrated to the newly formed state and brought along his passion and skill. Being a Master craftsman, he was commissioned by the newly formed government to act as a mentor and patron for the new immigrants. Starting with these camps, and then setting up a loom, the art of carpet making has been running down the family ever since.

By harnessing the culture and art of Pakistan, Jamal Rugs has fused the visuals and motifs of Pakistan in to the visuals and motifs of the hand-made craftsmanship of rugs and carpets. As years went by, Jamal Rugs has been working to keep the dying art alive by adapting to the digital age, but preserving the dignity of the art.

The World of Jamal Rug Weavers

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