Kirkit Rugs

Kirkit was created in 1982 by Ahmet Diler, himself from a family of weavers living in a village in Cappadocia. His passion for this popular art, whose presence in Anatolia dates from its first urban communities, has allowed Kirkit to become a leader not only on the Turkish market but also all around the world.

All our rugs are collected personally in the most remote corners of Anatolia and then meticulously restored by our own team of restorers. Whit a growing demand for novelties in the decoration field, Kirkit has set up a workshop specifically for the production of contemporary rugs and kilim.

All these products, traditional, modern or revisited are distributed all of Europe and the rest of the world. Kirkit has been exhibiting in Domotex since 1997.

The World of Kirkit Rugs

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