Knots Rugs

Knots Rugs is a family run business specializing in cutting edge contemporary hand knotted rugs. Our rugs are produced in Nepal and Jaipur using the finest quality Tibetan highland wool, Bikaner Wool, Chinese silk and nettle.

We are a London based company with a flagship store on the Kings Road Chelsea, where the rug collections can be viewed. The Knots Rugs design team is made up of three designers, Bonnie Sutton, Linny Moss and Elisa Kretzschmar. All from different design backgrounds, they fuse together a wealth of knowledge, experience and experimentation into the creative mix, pushing the boundaries of rug design.

London is the true inspiration behind the Knots Rugs collections, from our urban surroundings, wealth of fine art, fashion, nature and textile design, we are always looking for something to inspire and expand our imagination on what can be achieved in the complex creation of a hand knotted rug.

Using traditional rug weaving techniques with the highest quality materials, combined with our innovative designs, Knots rugs are a real statement to any home. Our dedicated team will take great care in insuring the right rug is found for you.

The World of Knots Rugs