Sahar Carpets

Sahar Carpets, a carpet design and production company of the highest caliber has evolved a great deal since the first carpets came off loom in the year 2000. Originally conceived as a creative point of connection between the tribal artisans of Iran and the vast community of collectors the rug enthusiasts in Europe and America, Sahar has grown and evolved into an icon of contemporary style, a classic in its own time and an artistic manifestation of the global village.

Time and events present challenges and with those challenges opportunities. Sahar Carpets has seized upon their challenges as opportunities for growth. The company has grown into a global web, with offices in Zurich, Switzerland, Providence RI and Los Angeles CA, with raw material production in Iran and weaving in Northern India. This does not mention the brandís select distribution through some of the finest galleries and greatest brands the world over. Through this global collaboration, Sahar Carpets has leveraged the best materials and now is executing the most complex and detailed contemporary carpet designs in the world.

Sahar has always been a materials driven production. With its global resources, Sahar now utilizes the finest hand carded and hand spun Persian wool, Chinese silk, hand spun recycled Indian Sari silk and cocoon silk. These materials comprise the essential DNA of the Sahar product offering. Weaving has been shifted from Iran to Jaipur, India since 2008 and this shift has created opportunities to expand the options for raw materials and to also explore a more detailed and refined design aesthetic. Quality control is at the highest level since the companyís inception.

Sahar Carpets has woven together a global network of highly talented artisans, utilizing the best materials available, to manufacture and distribute perhaps the finest hand-woven carpet in the world today. All people at Sahar are connected and driven by their desire to deliver superb quality and their passion for great design. Sahar Carpet looks forward to sharing this passion with you.

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