A Tamarian rug is a true work of art. Every step of production is completed with the care and touch of the human hand. Many of the techniques and tools have remained unchanged for centuries. We weave with the finest natural and synthetic fiber blends available on the market. Our dyemasters use a small pot dyeing process to enhance the material’s natural boldness and luster, while maintaining colorfastness for generations to come. Each rug is woven on an upright loom using the Tibetan Loop Senneh knot. When weaving is complete, the rug is cut from the loom, trimmed and washed.

Working Conditions and Environments

In accordance with our dedication to the production of Tamarian rugs, we are committed to giving back to the community as well as advocating for the natural environment of Nepal. Each facility has a water purification system for both the dying and washing as well as for the employees. We are constantly upgrading our facilities to provide safe and healthy working and living environment for the people who weave our rugs and their families. Healthcare is provided to all employees. Education is provided for the children of our workforce through grade 12.

In early 2015, Tamarian opened the first newly constructed “green factory”, which incorporates solar power, rain water collection and efficient design. The goal is to provide our skilled craftspeople the highest quality working and living conditions in the carpet industry. This factory will be a model for all future weaving centers in order to positively sustain the livelihoods of thousands, as well as preserve the craft of handmade rug weaving.

The World of Tamarian

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