TGIFW Thank God It’s Fair Wear

Swiss Design, fair and socially sustainable produced in Nepal.

TGIFW (THANK GOD IT’S FAIR WEAR) is a Swiss Fair Fashion & Living label. We celebrate the connection of traditional crafts and modern Swiss design. Our products are unique and fairly produced.

We represent modern, purist designs. This are the outputs of our three young Swiss designers whose dedication and inventiveness delight us and motivate us every day. We promote young creative people in Switzerland and offer them the opportunity to implement their ideas with us.

We love products that are made with happiness. We believe: that is visible. That’s why we work with small factories in Nepal where Human Being is at the centre of production. We have partnership with our producers, they decide, inspire and enrich us with their expertise.

We contribute to the further development of Nepal in the field of skill development and economic independence. Each of our products are made in sustainable environment in Nepal and offer people with jobs. Fair wages and good working conditions are our main priority. As we know our artisans who knit, weave and tailor our products.

Carpets made by hand

All our carpets are produced in the traditional hand knotted method in the company of our co-founders, Tashi Lama’s uncle. This gives an insight in the whole process of carpet manufacturing. Carpet making is an art and traditional craft that originally found its way from Tibet to Nepal. Today, Nepal is one of the most important hand knotted carpet manufacturers. Our carpet production in Nepal has 90 employees, most of them women. The accommodation, clean drinking water and electricity are provided within the factory premises and funded by the company. There is a day care center on the premises and the school for all children is funded by the carpet production. A dedicated partner for manufacturing carpets.

The World of TGIFW