Wool and Silk Rugs

Wool & Silk strives to create beautiful, colorful and provocative designs. The brand offers a broad range of hand knotted rugs combing creative ideas and design experience that inspire the imagination. Founded in 2010 by artist Erbil Tezcan, Wool & Silk started out very humbly in New Jersey. Since then the company has enjoyed phenomenal growth and success and is the proud recipient of six international Carpet Design Awards and a German Design Award.

With influences from Asian tapestries to modern architectural framework, there is nothing conventional about Wool & Silk’s designs. The company is constantly evolving and moving in new directions. it caters to custom needs including wall to wall applications. The majority of the collections are manufactured in Nepal, however Wool & Silk recently introduced the Afghan Collection which is manufactured in Afghanistan. While most of the rugs manufactured in Nepal are contemporary in nature, the Afghan Collection focuses on a tribute to traditional designs.

The heart of Wool & Silk comes from the passion and commitment of its founder, Erbil Tezcan. His love of design, color and knowledge of the hand knotted rug industry has proven to be a winning formula. A glimpse of life or a flash of light and his eye is envisioning a rug. Erbilís reflection of the creative process is captured in his remark that his designs ìhave to be colorful, like our livesî. Come and see Wool & Silkís rugs and experience the magic of its designs.

The World of Wool & Silk