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Zollanvari carpets embody a profound understanding for the splendour and profusion of the ‘Persianate style’ weaving aesthetic. This informs the company’s entire carpet production, making it unique and timeless – qualities that have established the Zollanvari name as a global trailblazer in creating carpet art.

The commitment to the creation of superior quality carpets and exclusive designs, at the same time as the preservation of the immense heritage of carpet art, has inspired Zollanvari to push the boundaries of carpet design and weaving techniques.

The concept of a resource efficient and sustainable production is deep rooted in the company and production tradition. Zollanvari has endeavoured to revive old weaving techniques (some almost extinct) to encourage the diversity of weaving techniques and to develop new ones.

The Zollanvari Label & Warranty guarantees that all carpets and flatweaves are made from hand-carded and hand-spun wool, dyed using the highest quality environmentally friendly vegetable dyes, and that they are woven by nomadic women and village weavers and not by children.

Zollanvari are one of the only handmade carpet manufacturers to be awarded the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certificate for “handwoven carpets (rugs, gabbehs, kelims, and jajims) made from hand-spun sheep wool and traditionally dyed with herbal natural dyes”. On inspection, the stated Zollanvari products were granted a Class ll certificate, affirming that they meet the human-ecological requirements of the standard established for products with direct contact to skin.

With its exquisite patterns and the finesse of its quality a Zollanvari carpet captivates and enhances the beauty of its surroundings. The vibrant colours and timeless designs combine perfectly with contemporary as well as traditional interiors.

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