Health and Safety

§ 1
Protection of workers’ health and safety

More than 20 specific compliance criteria are defined in the STEP Standard and monitored by STEP auditors to make sure that weavers and workers health and safety are protected.

Besides monitoring STEP also advises advises and supports working owners in improving working conditions. Guidance ranges from the placement of light sources to the provision of technical support and blueprints for the construction of structurally sound and earthquake-proof facilities.

STEP’s Weaver Empowerment program makes sure that workers and weavers are not only aware of safe and healthy working and living conditions but become active agents for improvements.

Safe workplaces not only prevent accidents and health issues, they also allow for superior quality and increased production efficiency.


Working conditions are safe and hygienic in order not to harm the health of the workers.


Sufficient space, light, drinking water, ventilation and emergency facilities must be available, adequate to the type of work.

Appropriate measures are taken to prevent injuries. In defined cases, first aid kits must be available.