The five-year ACEBA project has sought to promote sustainable economic growth in Afghanistan’s carpet production. In COVER Issue 75, Editor Lucy Upward looks at the work of this endeavour in the country and beyond. While many global companies have produced rugs in Afghanistan for decades, for most smaller international [...]

Beyond The Loom by Tamarian

The creation of a handmade rug is a complex process fueled by skilled artisans. Two recent book releases by STEP Partners Tamarian and Jan Kath offer a closer look at the exceptional artistry and dedication behind their rug-making processes—showcasing all of the craftsmanship and the people involved in creating [...]

Label STEP enacts its holistic, solutions-based approach to fair trade through the promotion of social security benefits for the artisans of India. According to a 2021 report by the International Labour Organization, “only 47 per cent of the global population are effectively covered by at least one social protection [...]

In the four years since its launch, the Artisan Villages partnership between Label STEP and UKaid SEP has made significant strides toward revitalizing Nepal’s weaving industry by supporting enterprise and skill development in rural communities. The remarkable achievements of this collaboration were showcased to British Ambassador Rob Fenn late [...]

Label STEP hosted its annual international meeting in Istanbul, Türkiye this April. Members of our teams took the opportunity to visit with the weavers of the Kirkit Rugs workshop in Uşak as well as at several rural workshops throughout the Kütahya and Manisa provinces to learn more about their [...]

One The lives of Western women in the rug industry have evolved over time. But for male and female weavers in production countries, more change is needed! [...]

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